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Physique Augmentation:  Transform your physique NOW! -  Are you looking to lose some extra "baggage" and perhaps increase muscle
tone, or to "bulk up" by adding some quality muscle size and strength?  

Weight Management:  Have you become "out of shape" and the clothes you like so much feeling a little snug lately? Are you "overweight"
or even considered "obese" by medical standards? Is your doctor advising you to make lifestyle changes? Has your weight drastically
fluctuated losing, yet regaining the weight back, only to repeat this unhealthy and  vicious cycle? Learn to manage your weight the proper
way -
the healthy way!

Functional Training:  is a form of exercise that emphasizes function before cosmetics, utilizing movements that imitate everyday life
activities, resulting in a reduction of injuries, improving your performance and eventually your appearance

On-Line Fitness Consulting, Coaching & Nutrition Counseling: Get Fit without leaving your home- with custom meal options, healthy
recipes, exercise programs, and continuous motivation & support.

Home-Gym Exercise Equipment & Training Aides
Prefer to exercise in the comfort of your own home? Check out the wide variety of options of PFS recommended pieces of training
equipment and fitness training aides. >> Go There Now

Home Gym Set-Up
Let us personally design and set up your home-gym tailored to your fitness goals, personality and suited to fit your home.
Stay Focused. Stay Consistent. Stay Strong.   
And if you struggle with any of these just be sure to...

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