"The worst moment in life is the moment you
lose faith in your dreams. Never let it happen."
                          -  DR. Michael Colgan          

                                     A Synergistic Approach to Health & Performance  - by Dr. Michael Colgan

Nutrients never work alone. This is the major problem with all studies on nutrients. They focus on individual nutrients
only. The reason for this, is that taking other nutrients would confound the results and you would not know what was
having the effect. But this is not how the body works. The chemistry of your body is so precise that if even one
essential nutrient is deficient, the whole mixture, and the other chemicals and enzymes it makes, become defective
and optimal function is impossible. It is important to always remember that it is the interaction of all essential nutrients
together, which determines optimum biological function.

We always stress to our clients that you should never take individual nutrients without making sure that you are
taking a complete multiple vitamin and mineral supplement as well.  Taking individual nutrients can cause an
imbalance in other nutrients which in itself could cause problems. This is why we sell our Basic Supplement Packs
which are all synergistically complete.

The report in the newspapers should be looked at only in combination with current placebo controlled clinical trials.
None of these to date have showed any adverse effects of taking vitamin E and many have shown positive effects.
And most importantly, never take any single nutrients without first taking a good multiple supplement everyday.
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