"Knowing is not enough, we must apply.
Willing is not enough, we must do"
                   - Bruce Lee
Body for Life recipe book and Fitdeck Bodyweight!
On-going weekly phone consults!
Unlimited Access to your trainer anytime via e-mail!
On-Line Fitness Consulting, Coaching & Nutrition Guidance
Get Fit without leaving your home -  with custom made training programs and meal
options with healthy recipes, better fast food suggestions, fitness tips, and continuous
motivation & support. This service is designed especially for people in need of guidance,
information and motivational support to initiate long-term lifestyle changes and learn to
maintain a healthy mind & body and to successfully attain their personal fitness goals

On-line Fitness Consulting-  60-Day Program                          $218.99*

On-line Fitness Consulting-  90-Day Program                     $289.99*

ALL 3 programs include:

  • Initial 30 minute phone consultation
  • 2- phone consults(20-minute consult time) weekly for the duration of program
  • PFS Folder (containing all fitness program materials)
  • Program Design with on-going assessment and redesign as needed
  • Nutritional Assessment and guidance
  • Meal Planning options and suggestions
  • BOOK: Body for Life by Bill Phillips (a healthy and rarely unique recipe book)
  • FitDeck: Exercise Playing Cards (FitDeck Bodyweight) with Instructional DVD  (for more info)
NOTE:  Other versions of the many FitDeck sets and Booster Sets are available and may be purchased
separately if desired at

*Shipping and Handling fees vary and are added in at time of checkout

All PFS trainers are required to hold nationally accredited ACE-certifications as Personal Trainers at a
minimum of credential.
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