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Frequently Asked Questions
If you do not see what your looking for here, feel free to utilize
"ask the trainer" page to place your question(FREE service!)
Do you offer a student discount?
We sure do!  Please see the "Discounts" page for more detailed information.

Do you offer a Military Discount?
You bet we do!  Take a look see at our "Discounts" page for the various types.

What if I miss a training session?
We try to accommodate everyone and have understanding, however, please see our "policies" page for greater detail. In most
cases, we allot you one cancellation outside of the mandatory 24-hour window. Meaning if you cancel the day of the session, you
may only reschedule once per program.

I only have a few questions and I need a workout program designed for me to follow.
Can I do this by phone or e-mail?
Yes, we do offer phone consultations as well as on-line fitness consulting and coaching. However, if it is a specific program design
you are looking for, we will only do this after you have completed all medical questionnaires and signed waivers and statement of
understanding the risk factors of following a non-supervised program. You will need to understand that undertaking any
recommended program without supervision of a PFS Trainer is at your own risk. Consult your medical professional prior to
beginning any new exercise program.

How do I find a "Qualified" and Certified Personal Trainer?  
Locate a trainer that is certified by a nationally recognized organization only! Below are the top three (3)  accredited agencies listed
on the NCCA website(www.noca.com).

  1. ACSM- American College of Sports Medicine    www.acsm.org
  2. ACE- American Council on Exercise  www.acefitness.org
  3. NSCA- National Strength and Conditioning Association  www.nsca.com

What is functional training?
Functional Training is a form of exercise that emphasizes function before cosmetics, utilizing movements that imitate everyday life
activities, resulting in a reduction of injuries, improving your performance and eventually your appearance.

What is CrossFit?
CrossFit is the principal strength and conditioning program for many police academies and tactical operations teams, military
special operations units, champion martial artists, and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes worldwide.
>>  read more here
What is Navy SEAL PT?
Navy SEAL PT (Physical Training) is  the highly effective method of training the entire human body for increases in endurance,
strength and elite performance. Historically, the Navy SEALs PT typically consisted of mostly body weight exercises known as  
Calisthenics, as well as running, swimming and pull-ups. Todays modern SEAL however, is an even better equipped, highly
trained and developed warrior athlete with the addition of the CrossFit Methodology blended into the already optimal Navy
SEALs physical fitness program.

What does WOD mean?
Workout Of the Day =  WOD. A WOD is an easy to follow, pre-designed regimen provided for the current days workout. Typically
used within the U.S. Navy SEALs (Naval Special Warfare) Community and the CrossFit community.

Where is PFS located?
We are located in the West Ga. area, 20 miles west of Atlanta off I-20. We offer our services in the downtown Atlanta areas and
west of Atlanta. We provide our services at a variety of locations including within the comfort of your own home.  We also utilize
local gyms, fitness centers, parks and aquatics centers.

Our hours are flexible as we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Well, Sort of!  If you wish to schedule a session you may
do so for any hour of the day and for any day of the week under most circumstances. We are flexible and attempt to
accommodate most clients needs and schedule.

Do you accept credit cards?
We do, but at this time, we only accept credit cards and debit card transactions via Pay-Pal on our website. If you pay in person
you will be required to pay by check or cash.

Whey vs. Soy:  Which is better?
- Under Construction -   Article will be published within the Nutrition and Sports nutrition pages of the website soon!

What is the difference between Personal Training and Fitness Consulting?
Personal Trainers- is specifically working one-on-one with a client, assisting and guiding such client in meeting the fitness
goals of the client. The trainer of course, having some limitations. Thats if your trainer is Nationally Certified by an Accredited
agency. Most are NOT! Demand to see your trainers credentials and see if those credentials are listed within the NCCA -

More "Personal Trainers" than not, tend to NOT be very knowledgeable about nutrition and in some cases dont have a clue at
all about nutrition or even sports nutrition, but pretending that they do. Typically giving out not only wrong information, but often
times, dangerously bad information. If you have any health conditions or are just in need of serious in-depth nutrition info, I
advise seeking the assistance of a Registered Dietitican(R.D.) (LD)

Fitness Consultant/consulting- is on a larger scale, offering numerous services that also include personal training. As with
PFS, we are a full scale fitness consulting company providing massage therapy, Nutrition counseling and hi-tech body
composition screening unlike the typical local gyms using inacurate, unreliable and very inconsistent methods. As we
progressively develop, it is the vision of PFS to encompass a few additional services that better assist us in providing you as
our clients with better health, and increased performance for all age groups, including youth, adults young, middle aged and
the elderly, both on the field(sports & the combat field) as well as off.

Calisthenics, Machines, Free-Weights, Aerobics or Plyometrics?    
What works and what Doesn't?

THEY ALL DO!  Each has a specific purpose and they all provide a benefit. Some have a demand within most well designed
fitness programs, however, there are limitations to using machines. Combining most of the above together into your program
is optimal. This is especially so for competitive athletes and military spec-ops warriors. A need for an article exists for this
question to cover the basis with valuable details. Until then, please see our "
PFS-News" page and "Fitness 101" for detailed
information and a response to this question as an article will be published soon!

What is BUD/S?
Basic Underwater Demolition/SEALs  (BUD/S)  - This is the initial school, the foundation training for all U.S. Navy SEALs.
Located upon the Cornado,CA. Island downtown San Diego,CA. Part of the Naval Special Warfare Community along side
the"Silver Strand"
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