"The worst moment in life is the moment you
lose faith in your dreams. Never let it happen."
-  DR. Michael Colgan
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  • Public School Teachers - 20%

  • College and H.S. Students  - 20% (With 3.0 GPA)
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The Sports Supplement Bible
by Will Brink
APP Version
$16.99 (itunes version for iphone,ipad, and ipod touch devices)  View in itunes store
$34.99 (Paperback, 341 Pages)  www.lulu.com

This comprehensive book covers over 60 supplement ingredients used to create many well known sports supplements.

Will Brink puts the power of knowledge into the readers hands, giving them solid facts to combat supplement myth and fiction so that they can make
more informed supplement buying decisions. The book is compiled to be easy to understand for the beginner, but also adds additional scientific
extrapolation for the more experienced and advanced athlete.

Get the real scoop on the best foundational supplements you should have in your arsenal, and what you should add if you're ready to take your training
to the next level.

The book comes with a companion website http://www.thesportssupplementbible.com for Q & A specific to the topics covered in the book.
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