"When I hear, I forget. When I see, I
remember. When I do, I understand!"
- Ancient Chinese Proverb  
Our Core Values, Philosophy, Vision and
"The PFS Emblem"


Maintain an open door policy that nurtures the exchange of ideas and information for staff and clients alike.

Honesty & Integrity
Dedication to truth and values will guide us to do the right things, the right way, for the right reasons.

Respect For Clients & Staff
Believe in the inherent worth of all human beings, their right to dignity, respect and fair treatment, regardless of
age, sex, ethnicity, color, race, sexual orientation or religious beliefs or disbeliefs! Intolerant to discrimination of
any and all types.

Exceed Customer Expectations
Don’t just satisfy customers… overwhelm them with respect, loyalty, dedication, optimum customer service and
extraordinary positive results. Never accepting failure as an option!

Meaning & Purpose In Our Actions
Connecting  with our clients by conducting ourselves in a PROFESSIONAL, FRIENDLY, RESPECTFUL, and
HONORABLE  manner. Truly understanding the value and effectiveness of TEAMWORK and striving for
PERFECTION.  Loyalty to The "Mission" or "Cause"  and to our clients, TEAMMATES and Self. Uncompromising
Quality service.

Steadfast Commitment to these characteristics preserves customer loyalty and keeps us competitive. It is the
combination of all of these elements in which separates us from the rest!

To be a well recognized and respected leader in the Health & Fitness Consulting industry.

Our Vision
To grow as a company that strives towards perfection, consistently improving and advancing in the integration of
professionalism, on-going education, training, research, science, motivational training tactics and sharing these
qualities through the power of teamwork, loyalty and dedication. At the same time while providing a fulfilling
livelihood for a TEAM of people sharing in such goal.
The PFS emblem is a representation of the philosophy of Precision Fitness
Systems and derives from a variety of sources.
A primary compilation of elements from the Rod of Aesculapius and the Caduceus, with the curved arrows as an
added addition to a personalized rendition of what was partially taken from Bruce Lees emblem in which
represented his art of Jeet Kune Do, the emblem of his school, and his personal philosophy.

The Medical Rod/Staff with wings is symbolic of authority carried in the hands of messengers. The winged quality of
the rod/staff is in keeping with the importance of the correlation between planet, god, and element - quite often
meaning fluidity, transformation, information, and new beginnings.  

The curved arrows surrounding the medical rod/staff represents the embodiment of the continuous flow of the
endless pursuit of knowledge, research and development of nutrition, medicine, health care, human performance
and overall fitness. The ever flowing harmonious progression towards perfecting the health and performance of the
human mind, body and spirit.
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