"The journey of a thousand miles, begins with single step"
-  Lao Tzu
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A New & Effective
Approach to Weight Loss!
Basic Nutrition for Weight Management
healthy body weight and doing so without ridiculous fad diets that are unhealthy, cause a
decrease in your energy levels and lead to a decline in your overall health!
Below is a list of 5 critical nutrition guidelines for weight management. Following the below guidelines as strictly as
possible will provide you a sure fire method to attain your healthy ideal bodyweight and any desired weight loss,
specifically, ridding your body of undesired excessive stored body fat. Also adhering to these guidelines will allow
for you to maintain your weight once you have achieved your ideal healthy bodyweight and/or that
'Beach-Ready-Body' you desire. If you have not read over the
PFS Nutrition page you may want to do so in
conjunction to following the below guidelines.
Nutrition Guidelines for Weight Management
"Nutrition for Champions"
by Dr. Colgan
"Sports Nutrition Guide" -
by Dr. Colgan
"Eating for Life" -  Recipe Book
by Bill Phillips
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