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"The worst moment in life is the moment you lose
faith in your dreams. Never let it happen."
-  DR. Michael Colgan
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Exercise Playing Cards
FitDeck Testimonials
FitDeck is a unique deck of Exercise Playing Cards that
makes exercise more simple, convenient, and fun.
Decks(56 cards)    $14.95
Boosters(26 cards)   $9.95
Navy SEALs FitDeck
Intended for a narrow range of users who operate at high levels of
fitness and motivation. Designed to drastically improve total body
strength (back, arms, fingers, and core)

Navy SEALs style training exercises. Get the SEALs FitDeck
exercise playing cards today for a more challenging routine to use
either alone or in addition to your current regimen.

With as little as a pull-up bar and some intense motivation you
can save the gym fees and perform this high intensity program
outdoors or indoors within your own home or local park.  
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FitDeck Bodyweight is our original and most popular deck of
also available  
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Men and Women (15-55 years old)
Designed to improve core strength, range of motion, and
muscle control  
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Get the kids involved! Boys & Girls (5-15 years old)
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For Older Adults (55-80 years old)
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1st – 3rd trimester expectant moms. Perfect for expectant
mothers who want to prepare for the physical challenges of
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Perfect for mothers who have recently given birth and want to
regain their strength  
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